AD8 designs, delivers, & installs doors, frames, hardware, windows, access control, & automated openings


Oldcastle Glass® is now Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope™. To architects, building developers and owners, contractors, and the entire commercial glazing community, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope™ is the leading supplier of products specified to close the building envelope. They include: custom-engineered curtain wall and window wall, architectural windows, storefront systems, doors, skylights and architectural glass.

Yet, more than a name change, this is a sea change in how the building envelope is realized. Finally there is one integrated system where all the elements necessary to close the building are engineered to work together seamlessly. Why do they do it? Everyone in the design and construction chain is asking for it—from visionary architects to owners, engineers, consultants and construction managers. So what are they looking for? Better buildings, a simplified process, less risk and fewer delays. And that is exactly what they’ve done. The future of the building envelope is here.

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