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Frameworks Manufacturing, Inc. was organized in December 1996 by four former employees of Altura Architectural Products, Inc. In October 1996, International Aluminum Corp. of California purchased Altura Architectural Products and merged it with their other aluminum manufacturer “RACO.” This established a condition of essentially only one major supplier of aluminum door frames. This condition in the marketplace created an environment that demanded the organization of another aluminum door frame manufacturer.

The aluminum extrusion supplier to Altura Architectural Products was Western Extrusions Company of Dallas, Texas. Since International Aluminum had its’ own internal aluminum extruder, Western lost a valuable customer. Western was approached by the owners of Frameworks to agree to a long term supply agreement that provides for a significant supply line of credit. Terms were agreed too in December 1996. This long term agreement provides a secure source of material to Frameworks so that customers of Frameworks can be assured of continued service. Also, the Frameworks aluminum door frame and glass framing products are identical to the “Raco” industry standard product. This insures the customer’s ability to obtain replacement products at reasonable prices.

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