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Hager Companies employs approximately 500 employees in the United States and has developed key strategic partnerships with international suppliers. Their manufacturing plants/distribution centers are located in Montgomery and Oxford, Alabama, with an international distribution center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Through their ongoing international marketing and sales initiatives, Hager products can now be found in buildings throughout the Middle East — including the Burj Dubai and Burj Al Arab buildings in Dubai — as well as throughout Asia, South America, Central America, and North America. But while Hager Companies has become a global company with expanding international sales and product lines, we continue to maintain a strong commitment to the domestic operations that have been instrumental in their success.

Hager Companies is positioned for continued growth, always with an emphasis on quality and customer service. They are dedicated to finding new technologies and processes to constantly improve their products and services. They are also continually taking steps to minimize their impact on the environment.

For example, their manufacturing plant in Montgomery, Alabama, features a special wastewater pre-treatment facility that removes 98.5 percent of the soluble metals created during their manufacturing processes. Company wide, Hager Companies has started recycling initiatives at their headquarters and other locations and has changed their product packaging to include 20 percent recycled content. They’ve also chosen to use printing companies who are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified to produce many of their marketing materials. (The FSC is a non-profit organization devoted to ensuring forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible way.)

Today and tomorrow, you can trust Hager Companies to live up to their reputation of having “more for your door than any other brand.”

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